We always welcome support from businesses.

Can you help us with bulk aid or warehousing or do you know someone who can?

If you are a corporation that is looking to enhance your social impact, Hope & Aid Direct always welcomes such corporate support. Members of our team have a background in ESG (Environmental & Social Governance), and we will provide you with a tangible measurement of the positive impact your support has had, including how this relates to your ESG score and the UN sustainable Development Goals.

We are in constant need of various types of aid and welcome bulk goods and surplus supplies that companies can offer. Whether branding changes, slight imperfections, damaged packaging or market changes we are always interested in unwanted stock. 

We are always keen to establish new relationships with companies and corporations that are willing to donate goods for use by people who really need our help. Do you have access to any surpluses of these items in any bulk (from half a pallet upwards)? 

General clothing/waterproof clothing
Ambient Food: Dry food such as pasta, biscuits, packet soup, or very simple and quick cook meals in a bag, or meals requiring no cooking.     Tinned food of any description. All food MUST be before a ‘best before’ or use by date, by at least 3 months, and preferably longer.

For Bulk offers of shorter dated items, please immediately contact Charles Storer MBE    

We have a constant challenge with warehouse space required to store aid and ensure it is available to ship out on convoys at short notice. We really appreciate additional space ideally where the current owners/tenants could receive goods on our behalf. All areas across the UK would be considered but our current highest need is outside the M25 and the London low emissions zone - ideally within 20 miles of Ingatestone in Essex.   Alternatively, assistance with funding for additional warehouse space would really help.

Please note that an immediate 80% reduction in commercial rates is available for companies if the warehouse space is used by a charity. If you can help with warehouse space or funding for additional space, please contact us. 

Specific project funding is always needed for both our on-going and new projects. 
Funding is also required to purchase food and underwear on an on-going basis. A major challenge is funding for the continuing and significant transportation cost to move aid across the continent to people who need help. Can your business help with financial support?  If so, please contact us.  

Alternatively you can help in very specific ways by funding certain tasks.
This can enhance your CSR whilst at the same time helping a small charity.  If you wish to get involved in this way please see our corporate funding page.

Sponsor a truck
Depending on the destination it can cost between £3,500 and £4,000 to get one of the smaller trucks to our projects in Europe. Why not consider sponsoring a truck?  We can use your company name as the truck call sign and of course use the website and newsletter updates to let people know the valuable support you are providing.  

Drop-off Centres
We accommodate full or half-pallets and transport to our drop-off centres. This can either be facilitated by ourselves or we can take delivery from your vehicles. If you can help with any of the above, please contact us