Congleton drop off point

Drop off points

You can become a drop-off point for your local community or find out where you can take aid.

We can then co-ordinate collections in line with warehouse availability.

We are always looking to grow the number of drop off points and aim to have a nationwide network of these. If you think you can help please contact us and we can talk through with you what is needed.

If you have aid that you feel complies with our current aid list and you wish to drop it off to one of our drop off points, please contact the relevant person who is closest to you and discuss with them what you have and the logistics for the drop off.

For Ukraine - We need to be VERY specific; see above current aid list, but if you think something else might be needed and want to offer it, please agree this first with our DOP coordinator. This is due in part to the paperwork and restrictions in sending aid from the UK but also and more importantly is down to the fact that this is what people need.  We work to very particular needs list that are supplied by or local NGO partners.

Many thanks for your understanding.