We exist to help those who are unable to help themselves due to war,
poverty and displacement.  How do we do this?

We take your donations

We obtain the aid that is needed right now

We drive the aid directly to those who need it

Over 95% of what you donate is used for transportation of humanitarian aid and procurement, with only a small amount being used for admin and other costs. 

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Author: Roger Wilson

Lift the Ban

We joined the Lift the Ban coalition to campaign for the right to work for people seeking asylum


Author: Claire Stevens


A Volunteer: Will make a real difference to someone's life, maybe even save it. Will find out how far they can push themselves to help others, and be rewarded with immeasurable real life experiences. Will forever be changed simply because they refused to sit by and do nothing while people were suffering. Will learn to work in a team, be resilient and achieve things they never thought possible. Could be you? ​Get in touch now, you are desperately needed!


Author: Roger Wilson


Moldova Update. 100,000 refugees present in Moldova. 7th April 2022


Author: Claire Stevens

Our impact


Tonnes of humanitarian aid delivered.


Over 200k beneficiaries of 51 convoys to 9 countries (as at February 2020)


 Sustainable - 90% of our aid is donated surplus bulk stock from major suppliers.

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