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Have you noticed our new truck! See the press release about its donation to us.

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Latest Updates

A new truck for the charity

Anyone who follows our social media will know about our new truck, but for those that don’t, it's been a very busy few weeks for the operational and transport volunteers, with the receipt of the new truck pictured above which is an amazing donation from Maritime Transport. You can find out more about the truck donation and also more details on the recent donation to a new partner in Türkiye in response to last years earthquake on the projects and partners page.  

A couple of great donations

Trucks 54 and 55 have been loaded and sent to Ukraine.  

It’s a great achievement that can only keep happening if the right aid keeps being supplied to us.  We rely on aid from a wide variety of sources, the many knitters that keep producing blankets, the drop off points that continue to do such great work and also corporates.  Two recent examples of corporate support have come from Blackstone Stripout and Every Child Online.  

Blackstone Stripout deal with commercial spaces, offices, hotels etc.. when they are sold or being renovated and need to be stripped back to the bare bones before the new owners take charge of the property.  Blackstone were recently working on a project to clear out a hotel in St. Pancras and they have a lot of good quality mattresses, chairs and fridges that they want us to move to Ukraine rather than them having to recycle them or worse still, sending them to landfill.  We would like to think that this initial supply of goods will be the start of a much longer term relationship, thank you Blackstone for getting in touch with us, your aid will have a huge impact on people’s lives once they arrive in Ukraine.

Every Child Online
 have donated 100 desk top computers and screens which are part of load 54. 
Each PC has been properly refurbished with all data erased, and where necessary new drives inserted. The PC’s are all Windows 10 and all have intel chips and all of course come with keyboards, mice and the necessary cables. The PC’s will go out to Alla at Ukraine on Palms, who when we spoke to her about them said, “Thank you, yes, it’s very good proposition, we will place them in modular homes for Internally Displaced Persons where there are spaces for children to study online school. We will also try to place some in school underground shelters in dangerous regions." 
Thank you Every Child Online for this great initiative.

Statement on Israel and Gaza.

Because of the logistical complexity of the situation we have not, as yet, set up any fundraiser, nor are we currently working in the country. We are monitoring the situation closely and will look to help where and when we can.

Our full statement can be read on our current projects page.  

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