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Currently our focus is to support and assist those suffering from the troubles in Ukraine. 
This help is for those who continue to remain within Ukraine and the massive exodus of refugees.  We will provide sustainable ongoing support for the months to come rather than instantaneous reactions in the short term.  We are continually assessing what genuine aid is required and a team in the field is developing an on-going response and how people can help with planning further truck deliveries.
There are specific roles that we are looking to fill as a matter of urgency, and more general volunteering roles, these are covered below.  Application for the specific roles can be found in the job description links.  Should you wish to volunteer with us in one of the more general roles please do so by completing the form below.  Some basic details with regards to volunteering can also be found on our Introduction for Volunteers Page.

"Whether you happen to be 8 or 80,  if you have the heart, the hands, and the mind to help others in difficulty, then let nothing stop you.

Everything you put in, you will get back 100-fold. Whether you volunteer, help achieve our aid priorities, or think of a novel way to raise funds to support us, from young right through to old, you can do it."

Bernard Sullivan

Current key roles available

These are the main key positions currently available but are not by any means a limit of what we require. If you have time to spare and respect and agree with our humanitarian aims we would love to hear from you. We would be more than happy to discuss your skills and experience and find a place for you within the team.

Social Media Volunteer
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Additional volunteer opportunities:  Complete Enquiry Form below

Now, more importantly than ever, we need financial donations to keep our operations going. This will be invaluable for the coming months as transport expenses, in particular fuel which has escalated in price, is a necessary expense in delivering aid. We specifically need people who can fundraise be that offline or through online sources such as crowdfunding.  If you have experience of this, then we would love to hear from you.

We are still respecting the Covid 19 situation and continue to put in place the necessary precautions to protect our volunteers as well as those we aim to help.