You can help in very specific ways by funding certain tasks.

This can enhance your CSR whilst at the same time helping a small charity.

Corporate social responsibility for SME businesses supporting an SME charity

We’ve been contacted by many Corporates who want to help the Ukrainian effort but just don’t know how to, well here’s how you can provide that essential on-going support.

With the escalating situation in Ukraine, we have been overwhelmed with fantastic and huge increases in donations and offers of help. As business owners yourself, you will understand how growing an organisation invariably incurs additional administration, meeting UK charity requirements, accounting, book-keeping VAT, managing social media, handling corporates with stock to donate, logistics and warehousing, lorry maintenance etc...

We still rely massively on Volunteers to do most of the work and we desperately want to expand to help more people on the ground in need. Whilst we absolutely have the knowledge and expertise to do so, we now have so much to do with the ‘behind the scenes” of running a charity that we are at risk of being unable to devote as much time to this as we would want.

We are asking for Corporate support of £100 a month, for a minimum of 6 months, so we can invest in consistent “Behind the Scenes” support  that is both instant and consistent.

With your support and commitment, we will be able to evolve our charity business model, so that we can continue to guarantee all individual donations go directly to those that need help and aid on the ground. Alongside that, businesses and corporates will help fund the much smaller but as essential fixed cost element of operating a charity eg: hosting the website etc / admin and financial support etc. and, as a business owner, you will know one cannot happen without the other, i.e. to consistently deliver the aid on the ground, we need solid central support for running the charity back here in the UK.

How this benefits your Company

To donate £100 a month

To donate £250 a month