A legacy will support people in an emergency and make a significant difference to their lives. Something that they will never forget.

By leaving a gift to Hope and Aid Direct in your Will you will not only be joining the thousands of other people who want to stand up for men, women and children fleeing war, oppression, and violence, but you will also be making a potentially life-changing difference for thousands of let-down people.

Refugees have often survived brutal suffering. They have been forced to leave their homes, friends, families, and everything they have ever known. They have travelled to an unknown place in search of safety sometimes with just the clothes they stand up in. They are incredibly brave people but one of the biggest challenges they face is making a new life.

Leaving a legacy to Hope and Aid Direct will help us to help refugees long into the future. It will allow people who have lost everything to feel welcomed, respected, and safe. It will make sure we can continue to give them the tools to rebuild their lives and start again. It will protect people seeking safety from being left without support.

“It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that after your death you will still be giving someone else the chance to experience the freedoms that you have had.”

If you would like to know more, for a more informal chat about leaving a legacy, please contact us. 

If you decide to leave a legacy or have already included Hope and Aid Direct in your Will, please contact us to let us know.  It will allow us to contact you in the future should the charity’s circumstances change and of course so that we can say thank you!