Barbara Robinson’s (Best Ever) Diagonally Knitted Squares.


This pattern makes a stable very reproducible square with a slightly patterned edge which is easier to join with crochet.

You will need: Double knitting yarn (acrylic is best) 4mm (UK 8) needles

Cast on two stitches

Knit 1, then increase one stitch by knitting into front then back of 2nd stitch,

Continue increasing one stitch on every row like this until work measures 8” alongside edge and you have approximately 60 stiches depending on tension.

Knit one row without increasing

Then on next row Knit 1 and then begin to decrease by knitting 2nd and 3rd stitches together then Knit to end

Continue until 1 stitch remaining. Cast off.

Please work in loose ends

To increase production of blankets please consider getting together with you friends and making up the single blankets

Squares can be sewn or crocheted together in strips and then strips joined

Finish off with a border of crochet - two rows and a row of little loops or whatever takes your fancy l

Single Blanket requires: 9 x 7 x 8 inch diagonally knitted squares

Alternatively   6 x 8 x 8 inch squares with 6 rows of treble crochet round edge makes the same adult single sized blanket


Quick Crochet Method of joining incorporating loose ends! (If you have any)


Take two squares wrong side together and crochet together along top edge (hook through pull wool through) x 2 then hook through the two loops to end.

Take two more squares and using same continuous wool do the same across and continue adding pairs until 7 pairs of squares joined. (Like a washing line!) Break wool

Go back to beginning and similarly join one square to one of each of the pairs again with continuous wool.

Carry on adding rows until 9 rows altogether.

Then turning blanket 90 degrees work each join across the other way.

I usually then crochet a border/frill and include the loose ends in this

Hope this makes sense! If not contact me [email protected]


Pattern is also on Season 4 ‘Threads of Survival ‘

Thanks to Jo Andrews.

Squares & completed blankets can be delivered to Sue Hoskinson, please contact her using the email address above to discuss delivery.

Or if you are near a DOP Completed Blankets can be sent directly

Please see map on HaAD website (Drop off points) for your nearest. There are contact email addresses and mobile numbers so deliveries are by appointment.

If you able to deliver personally to a DOP please, if at all possible, put 2/3 blankets in a large Banana Box with lid (these are available free at most supermarkets, they cannot be overfilled, are easy to carry and are stackable therefore perfect for the convoys) and please label on all sides.

To print these instructions please download from here