January 10, 2024

Ukraine on Palms

Our key partner in Ukraine

Roger Wilson

Hope and Aid Direct is a UK based charity. We do not have people on the ground around the world in a similar way to many International NGO's, so in order for us to do what we do and provide aid to those most in need we need partners.

These partners need to be a mix of UK based, neighbouring countries and a key partner in the country that we are providing aid to. This in country partner is of course key as they will provide us with up to date information not only on the situation in relation to the disaster but also detail on what aid is required.

Ukraine on Palms is this partner

The Charitable Foundation "Ukraine on Palms" is a charitable organisation, founded in 2015 to implement national, regional, local and international programs aimed at helping orphans, vulnerable groups and the development of cultural, educational and environmental potential of Ukraine.

You can see some pictures of the work they do on their Instagram Page

The current aid consignments

Due to the situation on the ground at the moment, aid being delivered to Ukraine on Palms, which is then being distributed to various communities in and around Kyiv including the city of Irpin is being delivered by backload. Backloads involve using local Ukrainian trucks that have delivered goods to the UK and would otherwise be travelling home empty. This backload process allows us to move goods directly to our partner in Ukraine using a model that is cost effective whilst ensuring that all of our volunteers are kept safe.

The future

Who knows what the future will hold; will we need to continue with backloads for a long time, or will we be able to enter the country to deliver directly to the communities that so desperately need our aid.

Only time will tell, but we are hopeful that whatever the situation, we will be able to continue to work with Ukraine on Palms who can help us with needs lists, paperwork, advice and support where we need it.

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