November 29, 2022

Integra Project

A key partner in the border countries

Roger Wilson

Hope and Aid Direct have many years of experience in delivering aid to regions in need of humanitarian aid.

One of the key challenges is making sure you are working with the right partners both in the affected country and also in the neighbouring countries as this is often where many of those affected move to.

Integra is that key partner

At the start of the conflict one of the main focuses was to find new partners in a region of Europe where we had little experience. We needed to find someone with:

  • Similar values
  • A professional attitude and understanding of the challenges faced
  • A suitable size and structure that allowed us to be effective
  • An understanding of the paperwork and logistical challenges
  • Access to local communities in the affected country
The beginning

Integra was suggested by a Slovakian friend of one of the trustees after a short period of investigation into possible options of NGO's that were currently active in the area.

The fact that Integra operated in a number of countries made the proposition very attractive and the necessary due diligence was conducted ahead of the first consignment of aid being sent to them.

The initial convoys and aid consignments were through Integra in Romania as they had immediate and ongoing access into Western Ukraine, specifically Chernivtsi and Ternopil.

The next chapter

Our most recent convoy to Integra was to the SK (Slovakian) arm of the organisation, the video below is from that trip.

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