Western Europe
November 19, 2022

Calais and Northern France

Ongoing support to Collective Aid and Mobile Refugee Support

Claire Stevens

We continue to support the Collective Aid in Calais and Mobile Refugee Support in Dunkirk along with other charities working in Northern France.  This includes Care4Calais in the UK and assisting Afghan refugees in the UK too. 

It has been a very challenging time with COVID restrictions and then the new customs regulations post-Brexit. However, our two trucks Robin Hood and Frantic have been able to deliver onwards from September 2021.

We have always been supported and continue to work with Herts for Refugees.  The salvage collection of tents and sleeping bags from the Reading Festival remain crucial in providing immediate protection to vulnerable adults and children.  Blankets and clothing are also essential items particularly when the winter months approach.

Our huge thanks to L ’Auberge des Migrants who officially invite us and facilitate all of the French paperwork. 

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