Middle East
March 12, 2024

Israel Gaza Conflict

Hope and Aid Direct statement

Roger Wilson

The Israel Gaza situation cannot be resolved while fighting continues.

As at the 1st March 2024, according to AP and other news outlets, over 30,000 people have already lost their lives. Many thousands more injured and missing and sadly this number is likely to increase.  The latest data from the UN and other international organisations suggests that over 80% of the population, approximately 1.8m people, have been internally displaced.

Hope and Aid Direct “takes aid, not sides”!

This is more than just our motto, it’s the humanitarian ‘absolute’ that we have operated by since our inception. We all know that there are two sides to every story (at least), and we all know that sometimes it’s nearly impossible to remain impartial, but there can be no legality or acceptability for murder of innocent civilians by any person or country.   We stand shoulder to shoulder with all innocent civilians. We stand against all war crimes. We call-out all war criminals, and support the call for all war criminals on all sides to be prosecuted and brought to justice.

The escalation of violence has left increasingly growing numbers of people in urgent need of humanitarian support, and medical aid. People have lost friends, family, homes and income; everything including hope! Whilst we do not take sides, which is critical in this very complicated and political conflict, we always ensure that our aid and efforts are directed towards those most in need. ‘As a charity we do not work directly in this part of the world, but we continually explore all options in the hope that we can provide humanitarian assistance in the fullness of time”. There are charities and individuals with whom we have worked in the past, in both the Greek Islands and Ukraine who are present on the ground and who have already lost colleagues in this war. We are currently assessing what we can do within the confines of these partnerships, to provide much needed aid once humanitarian corridors are open.  

In addition to these partnerships, we have been and remain in contact with a number of international organisations working in the region with regards to bulk aid that we have access to, to see if this can be supplied to them.  Because of the logistical complexity of the situation we have not, as yet, set up any fundraiser.  If we conclude that we could use any money raised effectively then we will start a fundraiser urgently.  

If you particularly wish to donate through Hope and Aid Direct to support victims of this war then please donate using our donate button, and note in your donation that it is to be used for this purpose; we will ensure it gets to the right place via a partner organisation.

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