January 10, 2024

Festival Salvage

Reclaiming and reusing discarded tents and sleeping bags.

Claire Stevens

During the summer months in the UK a number of large festival events have an enormous task of clearing the unwanted items left by music lovers.

We always welcome volunteers for tent and sleeping bag salvage. In 2023 we focused on Boomtown, near Winchester, and the Reading Festival, in conjunction with Herts for Refugees. 

The dates for the 2024 summer festivals including Leeds are to be confirmed. We will announce our involvement ahead of time using social media. 

We are particularly in need of people with vans or large estate cars that can assist by picking up the sorted tents and sleeping bags and ferrying them back to the larger trucks. If you can help, please let us know and we can pass you onto the right people so that you can be registered and provided with the correct passes that will allow access to the venues. 

It cannot be stressed enough that protection from weather and warmth is paramount to refugees and these unwanted items are invaluable in a time of need.

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