“Poverty, is like punishment for a crime you didn’t commit” Mother Theresa.

We are 100% volunteer led UK based humanitarian aid charity operating mainly in mainland Europe. We are a non political, non religious charity. We take aid, not sides!

We have volunteers spread throughout the UK. Nobody takes a salary, so all of the money you donate ends up providing aid to people who really need it.

Teams from all over the UK join together to form a convoy of aid trucks driving for up to six days to reach their destination. They are then supported by volunteers who fly directly to the destination and volunteers in the UK that acquire and pack aid.

"Whether you happen to be 8 or 80, and you know to which end of that spectrum we are 😀, if you have the heart, the hands, and the mind to help others in difficulty, then let nothing stop you. Everything you put in, you will get back 100-fold. Whether you volunteer, help achieve our aid priorities, or think of a novel way to raise funds to support us, from young right through to old, you can do it."

Bernard Sullivan

Our current focus is the migrant crisis in Greece.  With in excess of 60,000 refugees stranded in Greece at the moment this is where we see the greatest humanitarian aid need. 

The charity began in 1999 during the Balkans War and we have supported the very poor and desperate people there including Kosovo in particular throughout this period. Our last convoy to Kosovo was in October 2016 as there is still a huge humanitarian need there.

If practical, and achievable, we will respond to other world emergencies as we have in the past. 

Vulnerable individuals and families are identified for us by our partner NGO's in country who assist us to deliver the aid directly into the hands of the most needy. Working this way we can identify exact aid requirements and ensure these items are sourced prior to the departure of the convoys.

In addition to our convoys, we fund and promote many in-country projects to help individuals and groups. Examples are initiatives such as house repairs, beehive and greenhouse provision and training, support and equipment for schools, and provision of vitally important winter firewood. A major undertaking was the complete replacement of commercial washing and drying machines in an in-house laundry at a mental and physical disabilities institute.

Since the charities inception we have taken 47 convoys, circa 2,012 tonnes (2,012,000kg) of aid with a value well over £100 million plus, consisting of 340 trucks, 1 cattle truck, 2 transits, 3 ambulances, 1 fire engine, 1 portakabin toilet, 1 40 foot container to Sri Lanka, 1 to Syria, and 6 to the Philippines.

“The Prince of Wales has asked me to write…. The dedication of the volunteers involved in Hope and Aid Direct’s humanitarian trips – including the fundraising, the assembling of the items mentioned on the Wish List and the giving up of their time to distribute the aid – is amazing and it is clear from your website that the trips make a world of difference to the individuals and communities that you visit. The Prince of Wales has asked me to send his best wishes to the contingent of Hope and Aid Direct’s forthcoming trip to Kosova and to those volunteers and families who are enabling the trip to go ahead by supporting those travelling in their efforts".

Mrs Claudia Holloway, Clarence House (2004).

A video made some time ago can be seen here.  Whilst it dates back 15 years it still shows what we do and how we do it.  The country may have changed but the principles that we work to remain the same.