Unfortunately the fighting has begun and history tells us that people will soon be on the move. 

It is of course early stages and where aid is needed and what type of aid is needed is still up for debate. 

That said, a recent report from ACAPS states that ss at January 2022, about 2.9 million people have humanitarian needs, with 1.6 million people coming from NGCAs.  There are over 1.46 million registered IDPs. 

Of course, we cant help the whole country but we aim to be one of many NGO's that offer assistance. 

We have long term relationships with TEECH, who operate in Moldova, a neighbouring country, and Felstead Aid who have operated in Ukraine since 2001.  We will be liaising with these two organisations in particular, in terms of what our response will be, but of course we will update this page when we know more and communicate also through the usual social channels.  

Donations to this appeal will be ringfenced for Ukraine or the neighbouring countries depending on the need and the ability to deliver aid over the coming weeks, months and years as circumstances dictate.