Often classed as the broing stuff, but 100% essential to the work that we do.

Hope and Aid Direct's main goal is to ensure that the right aid is delivered to the right people at the right time.  We cant do this without transport.  

We run a 40 tonne and 2 smaller 7.5 tonne trucks, which not only deliver the aid to various parts of Europe but play a vital role both in the UK, collecting, storing and transporting aid from suppliers to the warehouse and then providing much needed ability to move aid around locally when in Greece, Kosovo or any other country we visit.

They are workhorses that drive many thousands of miles every year.

They need servicing, MOTs, spare parts, repairs and new tyres, it doesnt come cheap!! 

By supporting the trucks you are providing the lifeline that allows us to get the aid to thise that need it.  It may not be sexy but there is nothing more essential in our operation.