Whilst we are always looking for volunteers for convoys we are also very much in need for people to help with the day to day running of the charity.  These roles are fundamental to ensure the success of the charity and are ideal for those people who want to make a big difference but perhaps do not have the time to travel abroad with us.

Hope and Aid Direct is entirely volunteer run so these positions are unpaid.

Social Media Administrator

We are looking for someone with social media experience to head up the strategy and day to day running of our social platforms.  This will inolve working with our current Facebook page but more importantly expanding what we do to Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and others with a focus on leveraging the power of social media to fundraise and gain corporate, and institutional support for our work, as well as to expand our relationships with other groups.

Fundraising Events Manager

A position where the main focus is on setting up and managing events, challenges and other fundraising opportunities.  Think skydiving, cycling, tough mudder or walking The Great Wall of China.

This role is crucial to the ongoing success of fundraising within the charity so you will play a pivotal role in the work we do.

Photography coordinator 

Over the years we have taken tens if not hundreds of thousands of photos.  Currently these are a little disparate! 

We are looking for someone who can help us catalogue and index these photos so they can be used by the team for website and promotional purposes. 


For more details on any of these roles please contact [email protected]

Or call us on 07553 815445