Our 4th container and last for this year has been packed and is on the ship in Felixstowe ready to head to Greece.  Many thanks to all involved in the procurement, transportation, logistics and loading of this container.


Our 3rd container has arrived in Lesvos, at the Attika warehouse. 

In addition, 5 pallets have arrived on Samos. 

There are sleeping bags, blankets and thermal socks which will be used for the winter distribution which refugee4refugees and other grassroot organisations on the ground are organising for the people in Vathi camp. 

The large size diapers were packed immediately for the monthly diaper distribution.

Towels & sanitary pads will be distributed along with other hygiene products during the coming diaper distributions, as well as via our partner grassroots organisations on Samos. 

The second container has been loaded and is on it's way! 

On the 28th September the 2nd of 3 containers was loaded in Glasgow.  The container is mainly warm clothing, much in need as the winter approaches. 

A team of 4 from Cheshire, 4 from Glasgow (including a volunteer from the charity Refuweegee), Roddy & the driver who kindly lent a hand needed to handball all of the aid into the container.  One of the team from Glasgow commented:

To be completely honest, I wasn't sure we would get the job done today given that there were only 9 of us (& no forklift!) but was left completely awestruck at the shere strength, determination and selflessness exhibited by everyone today. 


On the 23rd of September a 40ft container was loaded in readiness to be shipped to Greece. 

As an additional update the container is now on the MP Edelman on its way to Greece. 

Whilst this container was already planned, it has become even more vital following the terrrible fires on the island of Lesvos at the Moria camp. 

Essential supplies of hygiene items, sanitary products, food and clothing will very shortly be on its way to our partner agencies who will be able to get them directly to those in need.

Here are some pictures of the loading.  More details will be posted when the containers arrive in Greece. 

Many thanks to Den, Tony, Dave and James for helping with the loading.  Thanks also to Roddy who has dealt with all the logistics and operational requirements in relation to this container. 

The aid below was kindly donated by Emmaus Norfolk and Waveney.  The contribution consisted of food, blankets, sleeping bags, clothing and clothing  thousands of childrens Haribo sweets !!

Thanks to all your kind donations a further container will be loaded over the coming few days ready to go also.