I hope that the enclosed will help to keep some precious children a little warmer when needed. I wish with all my heart that I could keep every child warm, healthy and well fed, along with a little compassion and love but have to just do what I am able.

A recent comment from a long term HaAD supporter. 

It has at times been harrowing but overwhelmingly. This has been a super positive experience. After the negativity and divisiveness currently in the UK and around the world, it is so refreshing to have met so many big hearted, positive, passionate, compassionate pragmatic folk who channel their despair and frustration though action that really makes a difference.

You can’t change the world but maybe you can change it for one person.

Karina Meachin, Dec 2018

  • It takes 30 years for a country devastated by war, to rebuild (World Bank)
  • To date, 47 Convoys, consisting of 340 trucks, delivering 2,012 Tons (2,012,000kg) of aid.
  • EVERY convoy we undertake reaches several thousand aid recipients. We don’t try to measure numbers; we just know!
  • Average estimated retail value of EVERY convoy’s delivery, in excess of circa £250,000

On behalf of Hope and Homes for children in Kosova, the staff and all the children and I would like to thank Hope and Aid Direct and all their supporters for the very generous donation of goods for use in our children’s shelter. We look forward every year to seeing Hope and Aid Direct, and it is a wonderful feeling to know that our organisation is never forgotten

Jacqui Fleming

  • On average, 90% of Hope and Aid Direct’s ‘big rig’ shipments consist of surplus or overstocked corporate goods. These goods are brand new, sometimes the items that are returned when you buy 2 sizes of the same item.  A lot of this stock can end up in landfill as it is too expensive to get back on the shelves!
  • Landfill tax, paid by any business disposing of its waste/surplus products in landfill sites, has risen to £84.40 per tonne…Businesses also pay “gate fees” to dispose of waste, which are an average of £6 a tonne. Source:- WRAP (the government Waste Resources Action Programme) 01 Sept 2017

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