Although we currently are not able to get a convoy on the road we remain active.  Not only are we fundraising and planning for the next trip but we are trying to help with the Coronavirus issue in the UK as best we can.

We have registered availability of our trucks and drivers with government and locally, and also with Rotary International’s Covid-19 Liaison & Resilience team.

Two weeks ago we were contacted by a Rotarian who asked if we could help by:-

  • Collecting 67 x 30kg rolls (total just over 2 tons) of rolls of blue cotton fabric from NW London.
  • Delivering it to a factory in Barking where they will be changing from their normal production of jackets for shops such as River Island, to making ‘scrubs’ for Basildon Hospital.

    Initially they asked if we could deliver them to the hospital, but the need is so urgent that they want to deliver them in smaller batches, and will do that themselves in their own cars/vans.

    We keep pushing for our trucks to be used but responses are currently very slow.