Official Statement by the UK NGO, Hope and Aid Direct:-

As reported in The Guardian and The Telegraph on 30th January 2020, and as shown on a Greek government procurement website, the Greek government plans to install 1.7 mile long floating booms as barriers that rise 20inches above the sea, between it’s Aegean islands, and the coast of Turkey. The budget for the project is 500,000 Euros.

On behalf of Hope and Aid Direct, it’s trustees once again feel compelled to express the deepest possible concern. These intentions will not only be an added danger, especially at night, to all boats in those waters, not to mention marine life, but they are also diametrically opposite to the principles of asylum and safety that were enshrined into international law after the second world war.

Charles Storer MBE says:-
“I am deeply troubled by the words of my father, born in March 1918 and now nearly 102 years of age, that the refugee crisis is beginning to match the scandal of the concentration camps and the holocaust in World War two”. European Politicians seem to be sleep walking past this deepening human tragedy, and are now sinking to new depths in actively putting the lives of fleeing refugee mothers and fathers, children and babies in danger. Massive amounts of money are being poured into abhorrent schemes to stop migration, while seemingly nothing is spent on humanitarian support.

Our government has also back-tracked on it’s undertaking to allow even the smallest number of child refugees to join their families who are already in Britain. “Not in our name!” These actions are wholly unacceptable.