Following an emergency eviction in Calais, two of our most active and long serving volunteers, Bernie and Susie Sullivan decided to take it upon themselves to work with C4C and arranged to collect several pallets tents and clothes from several locations in the UK and drive them in 'Frantic', one of the Hope and Aid Direct 7.5 tonne trucks to the Calais warehouse. 

"Whether you happen to be 8 or 80, and you know to which end of that spectrum we are 😀, if you have the heart, the hands, and the mind to help others in difficulty, then let nothing stop you. Everything you put in, you will get back 100-fold. Whether you volunteer, help achieve our aid priorities, or think of a novel way to raise funds to support us, from young right through to old, you can do it."

Bernie Sullivan

An amazing effort and a job well done. 

Below is a selection of the photos from the brief trip to Northern France.