Hi there,

Thank you for donating to my designer clothes sale raising money for Hope & Aid Direct. 

I chose Hope & Aid Direct because they aren’t a flash in the pan charity, they have 25 years’ experience in humanitarian response, niche skills and experience in collecting appropriate aid in the UK and transporting it to people that need it the most. They have helped so many countries in this time and are completely set up to help Ukraine, now that they really need assistance and they will be continuing to help well into the future. 

In just the five awful weeks since the war started, Hope & Aid Direct have sent 6 articulated trucks which included 400 field-hospital beds, and will be sending two more articulated trucks filled with 1,000 litre and 2500 litre drinking water tanks with trailers and at the end of this week, all three trucks will be going out to the Slovakian/Ukraine border filled with other essentials. This will be sent to the cities like Kharkiv and Kyiv.  And they of course continue to support all other refugees too.

I hope you agree we need to raise as much money as possible to help Hope & Aid Direct continue their valuable work helping Ukrainian refugees. Thank you for your support for this worthy cause. 



Elinor Weedon