Every day we see the atrocities on the television. News of the suffering and plight of the people of Ukraine. The lost lives of the innocent residents. Everything they own destroyed. Loved ones annihilated and for what?

One clip from the BBC has had a profound effect on me. Ms Iryna Kostenko was describing her plight of losing her beloved young son and having to bury him wrapped in a carpet in her garden. Her grief, anguish and torment has been haunting me over the last few days. I’m so blessed with my life, my loved ones, family and friends. I have all I need and I am truly grateful. I felt I had to do something no matter how small, to at least try to help give something back to support these people who have had this war thrust upon them.

My aim is to walk an average 5 km a day for each day of May reaching my 155 km total by the 31st May. This will be a mapped walk evidenced by my Strava/Garmin account and separate from my normal daily steps. I will post weekly updates.

During this time, I am hoping that as many people as possible will support my effort to reach a target of £1000 by contributing directly to the registered charity Hope and Aid Direct.

Please donate using the above link. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated no matter how small. This organisation “takes aid not sides”. It is managed and operated 100% by unpaid volunteers collecting and delivering essential items to the most vulnerable.

Imagine if other than just witnessing the destruction of our brothers and sisters we all did just a little something, anything to raise funds to support other human beings that are in desperate need following the devastating loss of their homes.  Perhaps by walking 5K each day in May you might join me in highlighting this crisis, raising funds and improving your fitness in the process.

Let’s make a difference.

Brigid Wilson