Our next convoy will depart the UK on Sunday 17th March - it is likely to be busy on the road with heavier pre-Brexit traffic across Europe. Return to UK will probably start from Athens on Monday 1st April, but with drops going north in Greece on the way back. The aim is to be back to Calais on Friday 5th April and possibly load in Calais with unsuitable clothing to bring back from the Calais warehouse, if they have any.

The Flyer team will arrive in Athens on (or before) Sunday 24th, and get to Lesvos (fly or overnight ferry) also to be there early morning on Monday 25th March. 

The modus operandi will be same as the previous convoy, driving the trucks to Athens and the then crossing to Lesbos and possibly to the islands of Chios and Samos.

The convoy will carry up to 10 pallets of food and additional pallets of toiletries, clothes, shoes, push chairs etc.  Many organisations have contributed to the aid including, Friends of Refugees from Bedford, Ripple Effect from Lancaster, Hull Help For Refugees, Farham Help for Refugees. Volunteers have now been identified for this trip and planning is at a detailed stage.

This convoy will leave the UK as European citizens and will return post Brexit (assuming that happens on the 29th March 2019).  This could be challenging – but nothing to the challenges we face on each and every trip!