Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mixed migration flows: winter 2020–2021 situation A report from ACAPS. Read more

Lead contamination in Lesvos

Due in part to the hard work by one of our longest volunteers this has been highlighted and remains a huge concern for us all at HaAD. Read more

Crossing Continents

The migrant shipwreck that rose again… A BBC sounds podcast Read more

WHO Nov 2020 bulletin

WHO Bulletin | 50 Days of WHO Response Operations in Reception and Identification Centre (RIC), Kara Tepe , Lesvos Read more

Lead poisoning fears at Greek refugee camp built on military site

An article in AlJazeera by Peter Yeung & Pavlos Kapantais - 2 Oct 2020 Read more

Greece steps up refugee ‘pushbacks'

A ‘Catastrophe for human rights’ as evidence reviewed by the Guardian reveals systemic denial of entry to asylum seekers Read more

Refugee journalists in Lesbos tell their own stories

Refugee reporters document the aftermath of the devastating Moria fire, and other tragedies, on troubled Greek island. Read more

No more Moria's

Enough is enough Read more

Refugees teargassed in Lesvos

Greek riot police fire teargas at refugees campaigning to leave Lesbos Read more

Protests in Lesvos after the fire

An article from The Guardian Read more

Fire at Moria on the island of Lesvos

Migrant camp fire leaves 13,000 without shelter Read more

Interception, no solution to address migrants crossing English Channel

The UN reports on the interception of boats in the English Channel. Read more

Boats arrive, people disappear

One Greek's search for missing refugees: Katy Fallon and Alexia Kalaitzi Read more

People on the move - IOM Press

A special report by the IOM on the impacts of COVID-19 on IDP's, refugees and asylum seekers. Read more

Evidence of pushbacks on the Greek Islands

An investigation by Bashar Deeb, reporting via Bellingcat citing evidence of pushbacks in the Agean. Read more

The boat that disappeared

A report by Stephanie Hegarty from the BBC as she follows one boat that left Libya for the shores of Europe. Read more

Jacob Warn - Facebook post

A post from Jacob Warn, a campaign coordinator at Europe Must Act Read more

Coronavirus crisis: Europe's migrant camps

Panorama investigates conditions inside Greek migrant camps, locked down as coronavirus spread across the world. Read more

Shining Light Podcast

A podcast by Benjamin Western - featuring Charles Storer. Read more

UK Coronavirus Assistance

Hope and Aid Direct act to help with distribution of material for hospital scrubs. Read more

Coronavirus: Are refugee and migrant camps prepared? - BBC News

Lack of access to sanitation and water facilities in refugee and migrant camps poses a challenge for residents trying to avoid coronavirus. Read more

IOM - Press release

COVID-19 Pandemic Poses Grave Risk to Communities in Displacement Camps Read more

Learning the lessons from the EU–Turkey deal

Europe’s renewed test Read more

Mask production at the Hope and Peace center in Lesvos

Sewing machines provided by Hope and Aid Direct are part of the solution. Read more