Knitting squares

Barbara Robinson’s (Best Ever) Diagonally Knitted Squares. Read more

5k for May resources

Help us fundraise as the weather starts to improve! Read more

corporate funding


Our Volunteers and their Fundraising Events

Ukraine fundraising by volunteers and the events they have organised Read more

2021 updates

A round up of activities in 2021 Read more


The refugee crisis in Greece and Eastern Europe post 2015 Read more

Lift the Ban

We joined the Lift the Ban coalition to campaign for the right to work for people seeking asylum Read more


A Volunteer: Will make a real difference to someone's life, maybe even save it. Will find out how far they can push themselves to help others, and be rewarded with immeasurable real life experiences. Will forever be changed simply because they refused to sit by and do nothing while people were suffering. Will learn to work in a team, be resilient and achieve things they never thought possible. Could be you? ​Get in touch now, you are desperately needed! Read more


Details of Hope and Aid Direct's operation in Ukraine and surrounding countries. Read more

Ukraine resources

An appeal that will be ringfenced for Ukraine or the surrounding countries. Read more

2022 fundraising resources

Hope and Aid Direct is funded by your donations. Our current projects include supporting the refugee camps in Greece and Calais as well as working with other organisations to assist with the current humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Read more

September 2021 Calais Trip

Humanitarian Aid delivered to CollectiveAid and Mobile Refugee Support in Calais and Dunkirk Read more

Walk with Amal now in Poland

Hope and Aid Direct supports 'The Walk' with drivers and logistics from Greece through to Manchester. Little Amal now on her journey in Poland. Read more

Drop off points

Drop off points for humanitarian aid for Hope and Aid Direct Read more

Refugee Facts

Dispelling the myths about asylum seekers in the UK Read more

The Promised Land

A composition by Paul Hutchinson Read more