External news update 28 March 2022

Hope and Aid Direct

25 March
Harriet Walter: We mustn’t tar Russian people with same brush as their leaders

24 March
Host of stars to read poetry at event raising money for Ukrainian refugees

Poets and authors to raise funds for Ukraine in live event

Charities rally in support of Dorset school’s aid mission for Ukraine

22 March
Maresfield villagers send 201 boxes of essential items to Ukraine

28 February
Fundraising appeals for Ukraine reached £1m over the weekend

UK and Ireland

26 March
Welcome to Britain … now what? Afghan families on their lives in limbo. Amelia Gentleman

Stop charging migrant women for NHS maternity care, RCOG urges. Exclusive: Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists says policy is harming health of pregnant women and babies. Diane Taylor

Ukrainian woman who fled to UK now wants to help other refugees. Elly Blake

25 March
UK: Black Tuesday as MP Vote on ‘Anti Refugee Bill’ – Scheme to Outsource Responsibility Does Little to Stop Critique of Visa Restrictions for Ukrainians. European Council on Refugees and Exiles.

High Court rules against Home Office over data being extracted from migrants' mobile phones
It comes as the home secretary faces increasing pressure over small boat crossings in the English Channel which have risen exponentially despite her pledging to halve them. Alexander Martin @AlexMartin

Priti Patel admits migrant phone seizures were illegal

Ukrainian refugees: frustration grows over long wait times for UK visas
Legal advice organisation says people have been forced to return to Ukraine because of protracted delays. Amelia Gentleman @ameliagentleman

Ukrainian refugee visas delayed due to Home Office staff working from home and Covid cases, claims official. David Parsley

First MP to take in Ukrainian refugee says she wants to give her ‘the skills to rebuild Kyiv’
Victoria Prentis, an environment minister, wants to ensure Vika, 25, has an ‘educational experience’ while in the UK. Christopher Hope

Channel crossings: More than 4,000 people cross to UK in small boats in 2022 - nearly four times the amount for same time last year. Michael Drummond. @MikeRDrummond

Another 190 migrants arrived in UK on small boats yesterday to bring total to 4,000 ALREADY this year - a total which took six months to pass in 2021
At least 4,087 people have made the treacherous journey across the Channel
March alone has seen 2,603 migrants arrive on British soil after crossing over
Busiest day was March 15 which saw 405 people reach the UK in 12 boats. Isabella Nikolic

Aid workers facing 25 years in prison for saving lives
As the legal ordeal of two aid workers shows, anti-migrant attitudes in Greece and across Europe have hardened — to the point that the helpers have become political targets. Alex W Palmer

UK minister to take in Ukrainian refugee family

27 March
Ukraine refugee response: Over 20 NGOs call on the EU and EU countries to put their commitments into practice

Europe and Central Asia Region (ECAR) - Ukraine Situation: Refugee Response in Neighbouring Countries - Humanitarian Situation Report No. 3 - 23 March 2022
FormatSituation Report SourceUNICEF

How the sex trade preys on Ukraine's refugees
Katya Adler @bbckatyaadler

26 March
More Than 3.7 Million Ukrainian Refugees Have Fled the Country. Here's How to Help
Day by day, Ukrainians continue to leave their homes and their country in search of safety. Here are trusted organizations you can support in order to help. Katie Teague

Sheltering Ukrainians in Poland. Birgitta Schülke

#TechForUkraine Iniciatives

Central Asian Migrants Losing Work As Russian Businesses Downsize Or Close

Ukraine War: London Mayor Sadiq Khan brands UK government's refugee policy 'appalling'

UK’s Homes for Ukraine scheme risks operating as ‘Tinder for sex traffickers’, say charities. Mark Townsend. @townsendmark

Only letting Ukrainian asylum seekers work ‘exposes racism in UK’s system’ James Hockaday
[email protected]

More than half of Britons ‘support no-visa policy for Ukrainian refugees’
The Government continues to face criticism that its current policies do not go far enough to help those fleeing the conflict. Rebecca Speare-Cole
Ukrainians ‘stranded in purgatory’ as they wait weeks to join family in UK
Ministers accused of ‘completely failing to meet the scale and urgency of crisis’ as refugees forced to shell out money on hotels while faced with ‘chaotic’ visa system. May Bulman
Social Affairs Correspondent
25 March
'We are here to strengthen the efforts of the community': Sean Penn says he hopes to help provide housing for Ukrainian refugees in 'heartbreaking situation' in Poland.
Urgent need to protect Ukrainian children in migration from sexual abuse. Council of Europe
A Quarter of Ukrainian Population Has Been Displaced Since War Started. Schengen Visa Info.
Once a Pariah, Poland Becomes Indispensable
Poland has become a crucial conduit for weapons and aid to Ukraine and the primary destination for refugees. Colm Quinn @colmfquinn
4.3 Million Ukrainian Children Have Been Displaced Since Beginning of War, UNICEF Says
Germany Has Welcomed About 240,000 Ukrainian Refugees Since the Beginning of War
Women are the face of Ukraine War
Why Some Ukrainian Women are Choosing to Stay and Fight Russia's Invasion: 'I'm Ready'
Citing numbers from the Ukrainian government, USA Today reports that women comprise some 15% of Ukraine's army. Virginia Chamlee
FIGO calls for donations to support women giving birth in Ukraine and surrounding countries. International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Women are always collateral damage in war, lessons should have been learnt before Ukraine
Women in Ukraine are facing life-threatening circumstances that could have been prevented.
Sara Bowcutt
Ukrainian refugees could face months of separation from pets under UK rules
Difficulties in obtaining blood tests and paperwork when fleeing war mean some animals could spend four months in quarantine. Diane Taylor
24 March
Four Opinion Writers on Ukraine: ‘If This War Drags On, We Are in a Completely New World’
By Lulu Garcia-Navarro, Thomas L. Friedman, Ross Douthat and Farah Stockman
Ms. Garcia-Navarro is a Times Opinion podcast host. Mr. Friedman and Mr. Douthat are Times columnists. Ms. Stockman is a member of the editorial board.
22 March
Homes for Ukraine: 'It's sad, slow and frustrating' By Lucy Manning
Special Correspondent, BBC News
EU Commissioner Raises Concerns Over Ukrainian Children & Women Falling Victim to Trafficking
Airlifts, free tickets: Transport for Ukrainian refugees By Emma Wallis
Europe struggles to meet mounting needs of Ukraine's fleeing millions
Ukraine refugees hit 3.5 million as eastern Europe struggles with influx
21 March
Blanket delivery offers some warmth for refugees waiting to cross Ukraine border
As conflict deepens suffering inside Ukraine, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is scaling up cross-border aid from Poland with the support of partners like NEEKA.
About 25,000 Ukrainian refugees have reached Spain so far, says minister
Ukrainian refugees in Poland queue for work permits as border crossings ebb
By Karol Badohal and Miguel Pereira
Greece ramps up measures to help Ukrainian refugees
20 March
Hosting refugees from Ukraine will require preparation and commitment
Nicola Campbell hopes newer charities involved in the UK government scheme will benefit from the experience of Refugees Welcome, Cheshire East
More than 50,000 Ukrainian refugees arriving daily in Polish border towns
Ukraine war: Number fleeing homes since Russia's invasion reaches 10 million - after Patel warns Putin may use refugees to infiltrate UK. The figure includes nearly 3.5 million refugees who have left the war-torn country to escape Vladimir Putin's attack, as well as civilians displaced within Ukraine. David Mercer Home affairs reporter @DavidMercerSky
19 March
Stranded Nigerians accuse UK of ignoring pleas of black refugees fleeing Ukraine
Critics say race is an issue in treatment of African students fleeing war in Ukraine. By Mark Townsend @townsendmark
How you can help all refugees — from Ukraine and beyond
Let’s move past the myth of the “deserving” refugee to ease global suffering.
By Sigal Samuel
Europe and Global
27 March
Ukraine or the Middle East? Greece applies varying rules on refugees. Florian Schmitz
Afghan refugees in UK are still in limbo as Ukrainians arrive
Megan Specia, The New York Times
25 March
The war in Ukraine is bad news for the world’s refugees (Norwegian Refugee Council)
A Chance to Fix the Broken Refugee Model. We’ve learned a lot about how not to handle refugee crises.
By Shelly Culbertson, the associate director of the Disaster Research and Analysis Program at the Homeland Security Research Division of the RAND Corporation.
24 March
The refugee crisis is much bigger than Ukraine
Zach Wolf
Analysis by Zachary B. Wolf, CNN
21 March
Germany to process frozen asylum claims of refugees from Greece
The Moral Realism of Europe’s Refugee Hypocrisy
The difference between Europe’s treatment of Syrians and Ukrainians is evidence of racism—and reality.