The following information applies to humanitarian aid delivered by HaAD for Ukraine since March 2022 and updated as at 16/06/2022.


Aid has been delivered to our partners below or facilitated and sent on behalf of other organisations to:

Associata Integra, Romania/Ukraine border

UN Sustainable Development Group (UNSDG)

Danish Refugee Council (DRC), Warsaw, Poland

State Emergency Dept, Ukraine via Poland for the Ukrainian Medical Association UK

Charitable Foundation Fund, Alekseya Stavanicera Ukraine, for the Bristol Ukraine Group, to Lublin, Poland

Vostock SOS, Slovakia/Ukraine border 


Total 31 trucks:

4 x HaAD articulated trucks

3 x HaAD 7.5 tonnes trucks

2 x Articulated 'backload' truck - these trucks are from overseas that we pay to take our loads rather than them going back empty

2 x Wessex Water articulated ‘backload’ trucks

13 x Whitbread, Premier Inn and Maritime Ltd articulated 'backload' trucks

3  x Bristol Ukraine Group articulated 'backload' trucks

4 x Ukraine Medical Association, articulated 'backload' trucks


Aid Description:

400 x Field Medical Beds & Mattresses

120 x Field Bed Mattresses


36,000 x Duvets

72,000 x Pillows


16 x Drinking Water (2,500 Litre) Tanks 

11 x Drinking Water (1,000 Litre) Tanks & 11 Towable Trailers (to transport tanks behind vehicles)     


500 x Baby Box Safe Crib with mattress, bedding, clothes, hygiene items

20 x Individual Baby Carrycot Baskets

4 x Boxes of Solar Chargers and Batteries

An example of pallet and builder sack size for bulk aid logistic purposes.  All trucks are completely filled so no space is left unutilised.


Pallets and Builders Sacks

18 pallets Sleeping Bags plus additional 14 builders sacks and 100 sleeping bags

92 pallets Hygiene supplies plus additional 12 builders sacks

15 pallets Nappies plus additional 8 builders sacks

65 pallets Food

19 pallets Medical supplies, dressings plus 20 walking aids and wheelchairs

 4 pallets Blankets and bedding plus 12 builders sacks

 6 pallets Fogging Machines, Disinfectant

 5 pallets Clothing and Household

 4 builder sacks Toys and Rucksacks


This page is updated following truck departures.

There will be an ongoing liaison with Whitbread and Maritime Ltd that will deliver 20 trucks in the coming weeks with 100,000 pillows and 50,000 duvets.