Suspension of funding to Frontex - "Fundamental rights are violated in Greece"

Some news that is significant for refugees but not widely published.


Greece is in a very difficult position after the decision of the European Budget Audit Committee.

The decision taken by the MEPs participating in the EU Budgetary Control Committee is not at all flattering for Greece. By a large majority of 23-6, the Commission decided to suspend the financing of Frontex in Greece and Hungary after serious violations of fundamental rights were found by institutions in terms of pushback cases in Greece.

"On Thursday (31/03), the Committee on Budgetary Control recommended the liquidation of most EU accounts. for 2020, but postponed the decision on the European Border and Coast Guard Agency.

In a vote of 6 to 23, with 1 abstention, MEPs in the Committee on Budgetary Control postponed the decision on the accounts of the EU Border Control Service.

The alleged violations in Greece were not dealt with and the operations in Hungary continued despite the Court's ruling that the refugee return operations in Hungary in 2020 were incompatible with EU law. "

This decision seriously damages the credibility of the independent Report released by Greek National Transparency Authority.

Full details can be seen on the EU website


This shows that the EU is prepared to take a stand against human rights violations.  We must ensure that pushbacks in all countries and on all waters are lobbied against.  It is a breach of international law and not something that should be introduced into the UK as part of the Nationalities and Borders Bill.