In 1999 when Hope and Aid Direct was working in Kosovo the United Nations set up a refugee camp called Cesmin Lug.

The camp was contaminated with lead from a nearby industrial mine causing seizures and brain damage in child refugees. More details can be found here: Toxic Waste Kills

A long term volunteer, Bernard Sullivan along with Paul Polansky set about taking the UN to task on this and won a landmark case against the UN.

Following the recent fire in Lesvos it has come to light that the new Moria 2 camp is built on an army firing range, the type of land that is known to be contaminated. Bernie, immediately thinking back to the terrible situation in Kosovo has once again taken it upon himself to highlight this to a variety of organisations trying to raise awareness to ensure that the same travesty does not happen again.

One recent contact with Aljazeera has produced this article: Read Article

Amazing work thus far, a huge thank you to Bernie. Don't stop, keep applying the pressure, we will support you all the way.