Conflict in Ukraine re-escalated on 24 February 2022, when the Russian forces entered the country, advancing towards different Ukrainian cities in a full-scale military operation. Heavy clashes between Russian and Ukrainian forces and shelling led to civilians casualties. Shelling has also significantly affected homes, public buildings, and other critical infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, roads, and railways.?

Insecurity forced at least four million people to leave their homes and seek safety in neighbouring countries, including PolandRomania, Moldova, Slovakia, and Hungary. About 7.1 million people are estimated to be displaced within Ukraine.?

About 400,000 people crossed to Moldova as at 5 April. Many have transited to other countries, with around 100,000 refugees present in Moldova as at 1 April.? Some of those displaced to Moldova are sheltering in 100 Refugee Accommodation Centres (RAC) across Moldova, rented accommodation, or with friends and relatives. Authorities, humanitarian organisations, and volunteers among residents are providing assistance to refugees near the border crossing and at RACs. Moldova has four crossing points with Ukraine: Otaci, Giurgiuleşti, Palanca, and Tudora.?