A message from Sue Hoskinson, the organiser....

Many years ago at one of the Slough warehouse  sorting days' I was asked if I could join a few small blankets to make the large family sized ones needed in Kosovo. This effort has snowballed and I now have a database of some 80 knitters who run Knitting Groups “ groups all over the UK producing squares which they either send to me, or my neighbour Linda, to join together or make up blankets themselves for Hope and Aid Direct. At present we are making single blankets from 8’’ squares which is what Hope and Aid Direct has asked for for the refugees in Greece. 

Messages from the charity regarding the appallingly overcrowded conditions in the Refugee camps in Lesvos, Chios and Samos have been particularly distressing (compounded by our Book Club reading The Bee Keeper of Aleppo and the documentary film ’SAMA”), which has prompted me to try to do 'a bit extra’ . This is why I am organising the BIG KNIT-IN

We shall be providing a ‘Frugal Lunch’ of soup and a roll.  Coffee and teas too … so if you can join us on the day please can you let me know for catering purposes.

I realise that many of my knitting list live miles away from me and would not be able to join us but  any help  they could give in sponsoring a knitter for  a morning, afternoon session (or both!) would be very much appreciated or perhaps just knitting some extra squares

If you can't join us you can help by knitting squares using the pattern below.  Feel free to also use this pattern to become familiar with it before the BIG KNIT-IN!


You will need: Double Knitting Wool and one pair Size 8 ( 4mm) knitting needles

To make an 8” stable reproducible square ( knitted diagonally)

Cast on two stitches

Knit 1, then increase one stitch (at beginning of row only) by knitting into front then back of next stitch, K to end.

Continue increasing   until work measures 8” along side edge ( Approx. 56 stitches depending on tension.)

Knit one row

Knit 1, then decrease one stitch by Slip 1, Knit 1 pass slip stitch over Knit to end

Continue until 1 stitch remaining. Cast off and thread in loose end. 

At present single blankets have been requested for the refugees in Greece as they are easier for them to carry.

Single Blanket requires: 9 x 7 diagonally knitted squares

Please send/deliver to Sue Hoskinson Wychwood Lower Road Hardwick Bucks HP224DZ [email protected] 

Sponsorship forms for the day and details for donations are available from me and there is a link on Virgin Money Giving https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/SusanHoskinson1