As the conflict in Ukraine rapidly escalates with devastating humanitarian consequences for millions, Hope and Aid Direct continues to run this appeal to provide essential aid to displaced people and people fleeing to seek safety.

With the UN reporting that up to 10 million people are now displaced getting humanitarian aid to the region and supporting the local NGOs who provide vital aid is of the utmost importance.

Your support will help us reach the people who need it the most.

Our focus is both speed and specific need.  Our twenty-five years’ experience proves invaluable when delivering aid across complex borders and with complicated logistics to be taken into consideration which means that some very specific items are being taken which can take time to both source and deliver alongside more standard bulk aid such as food and toiletries.

There are no salaried staff, everyone is a volunteer.

We are, for the most part, responding with delivery of essential humanitarian aid collected in the UK to those countries that border Ukraine, but delivering to local NGO partners that are then transporting the aid into Ukraine and distributed to a number of towns and cities although some more specialist items are being taken directly into Ukraine through other partnerships. 

We always need money to contribute to aid and truck expenses. Fuel is an inevitable cost and needed in order for our volunteer drivers to make the challenging distributions possible.

This crisis will last for years and it will be one of the most challenging humanitarian disasters that we have ever dealt with.  We can help them now and then offer long term support allowing people to make sense of their lives ahead.

We reached our target of £100,000 in two months which is amazing, thank you.  Since the 1st May our target has increased to £150,000, however funds received from this date will be placed into the general fundraising pot as this will ensure that the money can be spent in the most effective way.  For now and for some time to come, our main focus remains Ukraine and it is highly likely that the majority of your donations will be used for this crisis, but where possible we will also continue to support our long standing partners around Europe and the world.  

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.  Please donate what you can and allow us to continue this work.  Monthly recurring payments are very valuable and where applicable please make sure you check the gift aid box.