(If you can't spare £100, no problem, any small donation will help toward transportation costs.

£1 can pay for the transportation of some baby clothes, so please dont think small contributions wont help!).

We are re-launching this appeal due to the success of the previous appeal.  Details and pictures of the previous convoys are below. 

For the July 2020 container, which is being shipped to Lesvos, with onward connection to Samos and Chios we are looking to sponsor all 40 pallets and ideally the container which Attika in Lesvos has requested that we leave out there for storage.  

Each pallet is £100 and the container for long term storage would be roughly an additional £1500 - £2000. 

Due to the fact that we will not be driving the aid to the islands this time, we will not be able to label pallets against a sponsor but we can get some pictures on the day, when the aid arrives in Lesvos. 

You can sponsor a specific pallet should you wish to do so, or we can choose for you. 

As with all aid, there may be some changes prior to loading but for now we are envisaging the pallets to be made up of:

Aid # of pallets
Sanitary Pads 10
Nappies Huggies pull-ups 8
Incontinence wear 2
Fleece light blankets/throws 2
Carry cots 1
Baby Bundlles 2
Clothing, baby, new from Next 1
Toothpaste 1
T-shirts 2
Ladies summer clothing 1
5 large pushchairs 1

Foil emergency blankets and some ponchos

Dettol, Flash and Wypall cloths 1
Hospital Bed 1
Large towels 1
Food - pasta, tins, cereal bars, snacks 2
Masks for children and teenagers 1
Soap bars 1
T-shirts, baseball caps etc 1

We look forward to hearing from you all soon. 

Previous appeal

Here are a couple of shots of the pallets before being unloaded from the October convoy:

Sponsoring a pallet pays for the transportation costs of getting this aid from A to B and can make all the difference to many people's lives. 

The pallets are packed with a variety of goods such as:

  • Bedding 
  • Inflatable mattresses 
  • Thermal socks
  • 8 man tents
  • Towels
  • Toys 
  • Food

In particular for the Janaury convoy there will also be many pallets of childrens clothing and shoes as these were badly destroyed by the fire.  If you are collecting shoes and wish to particularly sponsor this type of pallet, please get in touch and we will endeavour to ensure that we accommodate your request.

By sponsoring a pallet you could be providing any of those items, or it could be:

  • a pallet worth £50,000 (of toothbrushes for example) or
  • a pallet worth £100 but with a project value that’s priceless (second hand sewing machines worth very little on ebay, but invaluable to the refugees to establish a cottage industry type clothing repair and clothes making enterprise).

The pallets are £100 to sponsor, but if you cant manage that, dont worry, a few pounds to the general 2020 fundrasing also helps!