15th January update:

Steve Walsh, a Hope and Aid Direct Trustee is currently on Samos helping with the clear up campaign and providing a needs assessment, that has allowed for us to prepare for us a convoy that will be leaving next week.

In terms of aid required, the fire has caused chaos and a lot of aid was completely destroyed.  That said most of the HAAD sleeping mats, sleeping bags and tents had been removed previously and have been distributed.

The team out there are working to establish what remains and they are just now reaching a position of having a better view. Obviously with this level of distributions, the situation is fluid, however what they are really short of are:

  • Kids clothes - age 2 to 15. Boys and girls - there is virtually none now.
  • Men's clothes particularly underwear
  • Women's clothes particularly underwear
  • Toothbrushes.
  • Sanitary products
  • Sleeping mats

These are therefore items that we will be sending over on the convoy next week.

In terms of a general Samos update:

Currently, there are over 7,600 individuals living inside and around Samos hotspot. That is nearly 12 times more that the hotspot’s official capacity which is for 648 persons. The conditions remain exceedingly dangerous despite the multiple reports and media publications for the unbearable situation that persists in the hotspot for years now because of the overcrowding and insufficiency of necessary provisions and despite the protests of the refugees and the island’s residents. 

According to data by UNHCR, the majority of refugees and migrants on Samos comes from Syria (35 %), Afghanistan (21%) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (14%). 30 % of the population are children (7 out of 10 are below 12 years-old) while the percentage of women reaches 21 % of the population.

21st December update:

Currently we are short on detail, but earlier today the main warehouse that provides aid to the many refugees on the island of Samos burnt down. Once we have more details we will update this page.

Hope and Aid Direct are discussing our response in terms of any aid that can be replaced and again this will be publicised as soon as we have more details.

In the meantime we are setting up this fundraising page.

100% of all money collected from this page will be used either for replacement aid or help towards a new warehouse to get this important operation up and running again as soon as possible.

Here are a couple of images that we have so far.